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Alexandra (‘Alex’) is the Founder and Owner of ELETURIEN – a boutique ‘jack of all trades’ small business based in Perth, Western Australia.

She has a unique combination of life experience, education, work experience, knowledge of metropolitan (Perth) and regional Western Australia, and exposure to a variety of cultures, lifestyles and rules. Those variety of experiences and knowledge gives her an unprecedented edge, compassion and understanding when dealing with people from all walks of life – you have been through something? Name it! Chances are Alex has been personally through it or knows someone who has! When you combine that sort of a background with a curious mind, the ability to ‘dig out’ relevant information on any topic, a passion for helping people and an astonishing general knowledge on any (and every) topic imaginable …well, the result is the creation of ELETURIEN!

Alex also has the unique ability to ‘switch off’ her personal experience and opinion when needed, speaking to clients in this manner in order to make sure she answers any and all questions people have openly, without personal bias.

You have been offered a job in Western Australia, are relocating from another country and do not know if Australia in general or Perth / Western Australia is the right move for you / your family? .. or maybe you are moving from Melbourne to Perth for a lifestyle change? Alex would walk you through the positives, negatives, perks and quirks of living here to help you make informed decisions.

Honesty is the major factor determining how Alex operates ELETURIEN: if you have a question she cannot answer on the spot – she would tell you that and come back to you with an answer as soon as possible; if you have a question that she cannot legally or ethically answer she would explain why she cannot answer your question – even if she knows the answer – and guide you where / who you need to call to gain the answers you seek.


Bachelor of Science (BSc) – International Tourism and Hospitality Management

Master of Arts (MA) – Political Research

Relevant work experience / volunteering before establishing ELETURIEN:

Australia: Multicultural Community Development Officer for a regional local government

Abroad: Funding and Project Consultant for a non-for-profit organisation; Volunteering for a foreign local government authority to support their programs supporting the elderly and children with disabilities.

Alex Before: How ELETURIEN came to be

…. ‘Entrepreneurs think differently too, which is why entrepreneurship often attracts the crazy ones, the ones prone to breaking the rules, the ones who don’t say, ‘Why?’ but ‘Why not?’ This ‘craziness’ is often borne out of passion – a passion to right a wrong, make a difference, solve a problem… ’

Benadette Schwerdt

How to Build an Online Business

Alex grew up in Eastern Europe and has travelled throughout Asia, Europe, the United States of America (USA) and the Middle East which exposed her to a range of cultures, believes, lifestyles, local rules and established norms.

In 2012, Alex lived in the United Kingdom and undertook a Bachelor’s degree in International Tourism and Hospitality Management. However, politics, the decision-making process and service to the local community has always been of interest to her.

During her Bachelor degree studies, she undertook a ‘Model United Nations’ conference which turned her hobby into a true passion: This led to pursuing a Master’s degree in Political Research in England, upon completing her bachelor degree.

After finishing her degree, Alex intended to stay in Europe and pursue a career in the government / non-for-profit sector but as life is often unpredictable – she met her Australian partner in 2017 and in 2018 relocated to Perth, Western Australia to start a new chapter of her life. However, with that came a lot of ups-and-downs.

Australia was unlike any other place she has visited or lived in, when it came to ‘how things worked’ and ‘blending in’ with the locals. People would think that having a local Australian partner helps to overcome those barriers but what most do not realize is that just because someone they know is a local does not necessarily mean they can relate to your experience and automatically know what information to provide you with so you can make a seamless transition to life in Australia.

Alex’s difficulty blending in was further exacerbated by struggling to secure gainful employment locally due to lack of Australian work experience and local work references.

Also, due to Alex’s personality as a very versatile and ‘switched on’ individual, she was ashamed to admit she struggled– ‘Googling things’ is easy but what happens when you do not know certain information even exists? You would not think to ‘just Google’ that topic. This made the situation for her between 2018-2019 quite overwhelming, lonely and stressful.

In 2019, life showed up with another turning point for Alex. She was offered a temporary position as a Multicultural Community Development Officer for a local government in regional Western Australia. Working with and helping migrant communities (people such as herself) was her dream job and she did not hesitate to accept it.

During Alex’s employment as a Multicultural Community Development Officer, she gained a lot of valuable communication skills, polished her research skills, discovered a whole ‘new world’ of ways local, state and federal governments support migrants. Those projects and programs were not very well known ( or not known at all ) by most migrants, including herself when she came to Australia. Part of Alex’s former job was meeting with multicultural communities and hearing about the various issues they had with life in Australia or adapting to Australia. That was the point where Alex realized that regardless of how educated someone was, how strong their English was, how well-travelled they were – life in Australia is profoundly a cultural shock for people from all walks of life and it is not something a newcomer should be ashamed of.

By talking to those migrant communities, Alex also noticed people generally wanted to do things on their own when migrating to Australia. However, with the 3 levels of government available here (local, state and federal) and thousands of departments throughout state and federal governments – each with their own website – migrants were just ‘drowning’ in online searches when trying to locate the relevant information. In addition, often other countries do not have a very active non-for-profit sector, so people are not aware of all the various free or low-cost services those organisations offered or how they can help them. Those revelations, her personal experience and other cultural shocks she experienced, empowered Alex to figure out a way to help out people like herself.


This was how the idea of ELETURIEN was born in the beginning of 2020 – the plan was to open the business in the middle of 2020. However, plans were put on hold with the global pandemic of COVID-19. Further knowledge acquired between mid-2020 and mid-2021 transformed and evolved what Eleturien needed to be.

Alex realized that the need of such an innovative service was not just limited to migrants, but it had a great value to some locals as well.