Alex wanted the name of her business to be as unique as the business itself, while simultaneously showcasing who she is as a person and what she stands for.

ELETURIEN is a ‘made up’ word that came from combining two existing quite ‘quirky’ words:

ELEUTHEROMANIA – An irresistible yearning for freedom. It has roots coming from the Greek word ‘eleutheria’ meaning freedom.


NOVATURIENT – A desire to alter or change one’s life; The feeling that pushes you to travel. It comes from the Greek word ‘novare’ meaning to start anew.

ELETURIEN represents a desire for freedom to make life altering decisions and changes.

The intention of the word is to represent a type of person, similar to the words ‘fighter’ and ‘survivor’. When coming up with the idea of her business, Alex’s main drive was her desire to positively alter not only her life but the life of anyone who comes into contact with her business.

Alex classes herself as an eleturien – she wanted to have the freedom to run her business not only as a mean to support herself / her family but also run it ethically for her customers and local community. By working for someone else, Alex had to adhere the core values of her employer and what they stand for. By creating ELETURIEN, she satisfied her yearning for freedom to incorporate her vision of running a business – supporting worthy causes and non-for-profit organisations in any (and every) way she could.

Alex’s customers can also be seen as eleturiens – one group is the people who move countries / states for various reasons, but it is often to alter their own life in a positive way. Alex wanted to provide a vehicle to ease the stress of the ‘unknown’ and help people enjoy an exciting time of their life. The second group is young, underprivileged, local Western Australians. For them, Alex wanted to create a safe space where they can have their questions answered with empathy and understanding.


There was a lot of thought put into our logo to represent what we are and what our name means. ELETURIEN represents the freedom we all want to make our own decisions based on quality information. Alex also wanted her logo to show we all make different decisions based on the same information while incorporating the first letter of her business – E. Having all of that just in a logo is no easy task but the final logo was everything Alex wanted it to be.

1. The hidden 3D E

Our designer incorporated that through using what is known as ‘negative space’ within the logo. It definitely takes a minute to see it!

2. The street sign

The logo also represents a street sign. This is the nature of our business – we give you all the quality information you need to make big decisions – just like a street sign pointing you in the right direction! This logo interpretation incorporates imagination!

3. Various people presented with the same information / picture interpret it differently

When Alex was doing the market research for her logo she realised everyone saw different things. Some saw just a ‘squiggle’ , others saw diamonds or flags. Some saw a squiggle but they said it made them think of unity, others saw the intended meaning of the logo. The most interesting explanation was mentioned by Alex’s father – he saw an E but facing in a different direction (as pictured below). This was also the intention of the logo – for people to see their own interpretations! This logo is a proof that different people presented with the same information (or image) interpret it differently! This is also true for the nature of our business – Alex presents the same information to various people but each group or individual would make their own decisions on how to use that information and what decisions to make based on it.

4. The colours

The colours represent the changing nature of Australia.

We are all different but we all call Australia home. Alex wanted to celebrate the diversity of people and opinions.