What is your background that makes you competent to carry out this service?

My life experience: I am very well travelled and have lived or visited a number of countries before I settled in Australia. As such, I have a deep understanding and knowledge of different cultures and can understand each individual’s cultural background and present them with information relevant to them. In addition, I have met and I am friends with people from various cultural, religious, societal, financial and other backgrounds. As such, I have the capability to truly understand where the client is coming from, what their circumstances are and how I can help them.

My education: I have a degree in Political Science, with a major in Research. That degree trained me very well to track down information, analyse it (and its source) critically and make a decision of its trustfulness or usefulness. With that background, you can be rest assured I would only provide you with the best possible resources / information available out there.

My work experience: I have worked for an Australian local government authority as a Community Development Officer. That experience gave me further knowledge and insight into many ways governments (especially local governments) can assist residents of their area. My Australian born partner who has spend the better part of his life here did not even know half of those things – many of which would have even been useful to both of us. That showcased to me that those services, as well as services provided by non-for-profit organisations, can be underutilised just because people do not know about them.

Do not take this wrong but we checked out your ‘About Alex’ page on your website and saw that English is not your first language. We are not used to foreign accents and are worried if we can understand you if we book a consultation. Can you tell us if you think we would have any issues with that?

That is a valid concern and does not need apologising or explaining! I honestly get where you are coming from! There is no point in booking a consultation if you cannot understand the person for whatever reason – it is just a waste of money.

To begin, I did grow up and Eastern Europe and I did use to have a moderate Eastern European accent. However, I have spend half of my life living in English speaking countries or travelling around. This contributed to almost absolutely abolishing my Eastern European accent but I also do not have a fully Australian accent either. What does that mean? You can still tell I am not originally from Australia but I am yet to meet anyone who can pinpoint my accent or tell me they cannot understand me because my accent is ‘too heavy’. I do not struggle to find the right word in English and I speak English like a native – quite fast and exceptionally accurate (both every day English and specialised English / term use). You can only really hear the Eastern European accent when I attempt to pronounce specific words – such as three and tree, for example. I have been told my accent resembles a form of mild British accent and only specific words such as in the example above is when you can tell I am Eastern European. You should not hesitate to book a consultation with me as there would be no communication barrier what so ever.

You speak an Eastern European language and I am from Eastern Europe too. If we speak the same language, can we carry out the consultation in that language rather than English?

I am sorry to say that but the answer is NO at the moment. With spending the better part of my life outside of Eastern Europe speaking English 99.9% of the time, I am afraid my mother tongue has really deteriorated. I acknowledged that was happening in 2019 and was planning on an extensive visit to my country of origin in 2020 to rectify the issue. However, with COVID-19 and the ban on travel, I am yet to execute my plans. That means that if I carry a consultation in a language other than English, you would find it more difficult to understand me than if we carried it out in English. However, if you struggle with speaking English, I offer clients to find a friend (or a professional interpreter) to tag along in our consultations without charging you more for the consultation. It is your responsibility to find someone to facilitate the consultation. Other Terms and Conditions apply as well.

I tried finding you (personal profile) on social media but I couldn’t? Why is that?

It is unusual for someone running an online business but I have actually never been big on social media. Although I live and breathe for my business every day – like many small and micro business owners – I do try to retain some level of privacy / personal life and separate that from my business. I work on ELETURIEN almost around the clock and would like to retain the few hours free I have to myself and my family. In saying that, the ELETURIEN social media account and e-mail gives you direct access to me, as I am the only one working in my business and checking those accounts regularly.

Are you advocating for the political party of the day through ELETURIEN? Is it politically biased?

The short answer is NO. In all fairness, I am not a fan of any of the political parties in Australia. They are surely better than ‘hot mess’ in Eastern Europe but they still do not reach my benchmark. What I advocate for is informed decisions! Whether we like it or not, governments make the societal rules we need to live by and obey. Knowing those with three levels of government is near impossible and trying to track them down on their respective websites is difficult. When I mention a government agency or refer you to check their page or document, I advocate for knowing the rules and be informed of what is going on – that is all.


Is ELETURIEN a legitimate business?

Yes, Eleturien is a legitimate business. We have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and are registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST). We are also a member and a partner of Small Business Australia and you cannot do that unless you are a legitimate business.

As a legitimate business, the Australian Consumer Protection laws apply to us and protect you.

ELETURIEN has limited or no reviews on Google and other platforms? Why is that?

I established ELETURIEN in July 2021. I had to make sure that I am legally compliant with any and every Australian law out there in addition to making sure my accounting requirements are fulfilled. Therefore, I only started trading (doing business) in September 2021. As a new business we obviously would not have many reviews as we just opened – please do not let that deter you from using our services! Every business starts out with no reviews but it is up to the business to make sure the reviews that are out there are reflective of their services.

Does ELETURIEN offer their services to anyone, moving anywhere in Australia?

No, we do not. I have worked and lived in Western Australia (WA) only. My expertise is to advise on anyone moving to or within the Perth (Greater region) and regional / remote Western Australia. My speciality is in Perth (Greater area), South-West, Great Southern and Wheatbelt regional areas. Australia, in terms of rules and culture, is profoundly different depending on where you go, even though it is one country. As such, I cannot ethically and honestly claim I am competent to provide quality information for the entirety of Australia. Anything on our website and anything we offer thorough our paid services is only relevant to Western Australia (WA) at this point in time. The following blog post explains in detail the complexities and differences when trying to understand Australia and its respective states. It also gives substance as to why I cannot ethically provide information and guide you through the differences in states other than Western Australia (WA):

I want to book an appointment and have messaged you. What is your timeframe for replying?

Appointments for our services can be scheduled for any time, 24 / 7. When you make a request for a booking, I aim to respond within 24 hours but I usually respond within 10 hours of the request being made. In busy periods, it can take up to 48h to respond. As I am the only person working on the business, I do everything from beginning to end myself which can cause delays if I have 80 enquiries / booking requests to respond to. With that said, generally speaking, I monitor my email and social media Monday – Friday: 10am to 10pm and I exercise limited monitoring on weekends.

Can I actually schedule an appointment for any time of the day / night? 24/7? With no surcharges?

Absolutely. It is obviously subject to availability – if someone has already reserved that day and time, I cannot offer you that appointment. Other than that, there are no limitations. As I am my own boss, I can schedule my prices and availability as I see fit. As such I have the freedom to make the decision to offer bookings around the clock and also make the decision not to apply surcharges.

There is no phone number for direct contact. Why is that?

Quality is over quantity in how I operate my business, therefore, there are only so many clients I can take in a day. When I have an appointment booked, that person or group have my undivided attention. In order to achieve that, I cannot have phone calls coming through constantly and interrupting the consultation with the current clients. This is the reason request / enquiries go though my business email and social media and not via my phone. However, that does not mean it would take me a week to respond to you. Every moment I have free and I am not booked, I monitor my social media and email accounts and respond to any enquiries you might have.


Why are your prices ‘so expensive’ when you claim to be low cost?

We are a legitimate business that pays taxes and GST. The GST alone is 10% of everything we earn, then you have insurance, other taxes, hosting fees for our website, domain names, keeping our business name, ensuring we are always compliant with all current laws through regular updates of our policies, terms and conditions reviewed by a lawyer, keeping up-to-date with our accounting requirements and regulations and so on. The expenses have no end in sight even as a business that operates entirely online.

When COVID-19 hit and the borders closed in 2020, some businesses who were different in nature to ELETURIEN and dealt only with international clients changed their business model. They started offering somewhat similar services to our ‘Let’s have a Chat’ service (Alex came up with ‘Let’s have a Chat’ and her business in general in 2019, before the pandemic). The prices those companies set for their service was around 49$ for one person. However, you have your consultation together with other people who are strangers to you (not an individualised consultation).

Alex charges 110$ (includes the 10% GST) for a group / family of up to 6 people relocating together. That comes to less than 19$ per person for a group of 6 people or less than 28$ per person for a group / family of 4. If you are relocating alone the price is 70$. In all our consultations, you have individual attention and it is only a consultation with you as an individual or with your group / family – no other strangers. Therefore, our services compared to other providers are cheaper but obviously cannot cost pennies due to our expenses of running a legitimate business.