Perth is a fantastic place to live in! I still remember the first time I arrived here and was absolutely stunned by the fantastic weather, beaches and places to visit. However, as I always mention to anyone asking me about the area, it is quite good but not perfect by far compared to other capital cities in Australia.

What is great about Perth?

The outdoors

Perth has some of the best beaches and national parks to visit. Period!

Pro tip: Visit beaches in spring / summer for best temperature and experience. Visit national parks in spring, autumn or winter. In summer they can be quite dry, hot and not as picturesque.

House prices and rent

Buying or renting a property in Perth is way cheaper than most of the other capital cities. This makes Perth quite attractive for young families.

Our small food vendors

We have some fantastic people and very hard-working small business owners! Have you seen a 1 kg donut before? I mean, in person, and not made by a famous large company? Perth has a small bakery that is not ‘online famous’ but can they make such a giant donut! Perth is also a good place to live for anyone who is a ‘burger fanatic’! I am yet to visit any place in the world that has such an insane variety of burger outlets, choice and taste. There is something for everyone, even if you have never been big on burgers.


Perth traffic congestion never comes close to the type of congestion seen in other big cities around Australia. It is a big draw for anyone who dislikes taking 40min to go 15km down the road!

What is not that great about Perth?

Western Australia – the Wait Awhile (WA) state

There is a reason Western Australia has been nicknamed by locals as the Wait Awhile state. WA functions on its own with the attitude: ‘We would get to you when we get to you’. Perth is no exception to this rule – in fact, I think Perth is the ‘poster child’ of WA for wait times. When I was opening my business, I had to constantly chase down accountants for appointments. This did not sit well with me as I needed help there and then. It took a lot of effort to find a highly responsive accountant that does not leave me waiting for days to get back to me. If you are the type of person who is punctual and likes things done in a timely manner, then this might be a very annoying quirk. It took me a while to get used to it!

Public transport

Let’s face it, public transport around here is not great at all compared to Melbourne or Sydney. Because of that, Perth is a highly car-reliant city. Going anywhere almost always involves a minimum of one public transport change – even if your destination is around the corner! Syncing of times and transport routes is definitely a problem here when compared to our other metropolitan areas around Australia. I actually live 15min away from the Perth city centre (CBD) by car. It takes me 40min and one bus change to get to the CBD by public transport. The government is currently working on expanding the metro network. I guess, we would see how we go with this issue in the future.


Traffic when I came in 2018 was ok despite most people relying on cars to commute. However, it is becoming progressively worse. Now, Perth is the place to live with COVID lockdowns plaguing the rest of the country. Hopefully, with the expanding of the public transport network things would get back to what they used to be.

Rising house and rental prices

With more people comes more traffic but also increased rental and house prices. We are seeing a housing shortage which has pushed the prices up. However, with that said, that cost is still lower than most of the other big Australian cities!

Opening Hours

We come back to the Wait Awhile issue. Opening hours for businesses are much more limited when compared to Sydney and Melbourne. Make sure you plan and don’t need bread on Sunday mornings or on public holidays! All you need is a bit of patience and you can easily call this beautiful city home.

If you are thinking about moving to Perth or have recently moved, you can see our services HERE.


Founder of ELETUREN

* The information in this article is general in nature and does not constitute professional or other type of advice

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