1. Honesty and Quality: We support you in an ever-changing world!

You can always expect up-front information from Alex: The good, the bad and the ugly.

– Our job is to prepare you for a life in Western Australia (regional or metropolitan)

– Our aim is not to sell you on the idea how Western Australia is the best place to be. Alex believes that every state in Australia comes with its own challenges.

2. Our opinion is not for sale, privacy is king and spamming customers is not in our nature

– We do not accept payments to write positive articles for ANYONE (known as sponsored content or natural advertisement). This gives you a piece of mind that the information you have access to is of high quality and not provided to you based on any financial or other reward to ELETURIEN to promote that content or entity.

– Our website collects minimum information to keep it working properly for our customers. We would NEVER sell any of your information whatsoever to third parties for any purpose.

– If you decide to purchase any of our paid services, you would not receive any further marketing or promotional materials. The outmost thing Alex dislikes about online shopping / subscriptions is daily marketing e-mails she receives after purchasing a service. Eleturien refuses to do that practice! We recommend that you follow us on social media to keep up to date with the latest information. This is our only mean of informing you about our promotions, free articles, competitions and emergency information.

3. Ethical and driven by true passion for creating a sustainable difference in our Western Australian communities – metropolitan and regional

A true passion of Alex has always been supporting non-for-profit organisations. This passion was the reason ‘The ACTUAL Local’ segment (part of our Blog) was created. This showcases Alex’s continuous commitment to donate money to worthy causes.

4. Here for the ‘Small Guys’

There was an existing gap in services for particular communities, people, small charities and businesses in Western Australia.

Alex stepped in with the development of ELETURIEN to support the ‘small guys’. We offer a low-cost, high quality service that provides individual clients with the needed tools to understand Western Australia. This is done hand-in-hand with helping other fellow small businesses and non-for-profit organisations.