Solid memberships and partnerships are a large part of ELETURIEN’S identity.


Memberships with organisations are a way for ELETURIEN to stay current and relevant. Having access to the best information out there is a high priority for Alex.


Small Business Australia: We support Small Business Australia in their ‘Buy Local’ initiative.

Charity / Non-For-Profit Partners: Those organisations receive donations through our ‘The ACTUAL local’ segment (part of our free Blog) and ELETURIEN also donates a portion of its profits to those partner charities. Supporting those organisations ensures that the most vulnerable of people and our flora / fauna are protected and looked after.

Business Partners: Our business partners help us create quality content for our blog, in areas where Alex is not an expert and cannot legally or ethically provide advice on matters. Our business partners are recognised and credible professionals in their respective fields. ELETURIEN does not accept any payments what so ever to promote those entities – those business partners are chosen based on their expertise and past track record in their fields.

A supporter of:

Those are certain events or campaigns that ELETURIEN supports and contributes to.