ELETURIEN provides the following services:

‘Let’s have a Chat’

‘Let’s have a Chat’ is a friendly consultation service for the person / group / family on the move – it is a service specifically designed for people who are relocating to or within Western Australia (Perth or regional). Moving from another state / territory or country can be a very exciting time but it can also be very scary and daunting if you do not know much about the place or people.

Alex designed this consultation to provide the best possible information for people on the move, looking for quality information in order to make good decisions.

Online books: E-booklets
*Under development*

Our E-booklets are a downloadable ‘treasure trove’ for people wanting to know anything and everything about Western Australia. Alex is currently developing booklets on various topics which she aims to publish soon. Those e-books would be sold on our website.

The importance of our services and their usefulness are described in detail in the following blog post:

Please note, every service has it’s limitations! No single person can claim to be an expert on everything at a high level. As such there is certain information we can provide freely, for other matters all we can do is find the relevant government agency / non-for profit organisation / professional service you need and refer you to a specialist to answer your question. There are also topics that we cannot comment on all together!

What information can ELETURIEN help with?

Information on Western Australia (WA) only! If you are moving to or within any of the other Australian states or territories we cannot currently provide support for those.

The below list is a only a general guide on what type of information you can be provided with. However, as we are constantly and continuously expanding, this is not an exclusive list of what we offer.

– Culture, perks and quirks of Western Australia: Perth and Regional WA

– Leisure activities: places to go

– Transport*

– Employment*

– Tax*

– Bills

– Volunteering

– Qualifications

– Real estate*

– Telecommunications

– Online Safety

– Consumer protection*

– Emergency management*

– Shopping

– Civic participation

– Non-for-profit organisations

– Suburbs / Areas

– Sport

– Schools

– Public holidays

– Weather

– Healthcare*

Areas marked with * may have some components where Alex would refer you to check out the relevant official website or recommend the relevant government department / Non – For – Profit organisation / Professional you need to contact in order to gain a detailed answer to your question.

What information we cannot provide under any circumstances?

– Immigration to Australia / Applying for visas : We are not a registered immigration agent / business and do not have the authority / licence to provide ANY information or advice on that topic. We specialize in getting you accustomed to living in WA not to get you into the country.

– Financial, business, accounting, legal, tax or other similar professional advice: Alex is not qualified and does not have a licence to provide such advice. Basic questions on those matters would be answered by referring you to the exact website / document that would answer your question. If you require further support and do not know who you should talk to, Alex can research and give you a starting point of who to contact.

– Post COVID-19 requirements to enter Australia: Requirements the Australian Federal government might place on you, in addition to your visa, in order to grant you entry to Australia – quarantine or requirements to be vaccinated. This falls under immigration matters for which we cannot legally offer advice.

– COVID-19 Vaccinations: Alex is not a healthcare professional and as such cannot provide health advice.

More information:

ELETURIENT IS NOT a government agency or non-for-profit organisation. As such we do not represent or speak on behalf of any government, non-for-profit or other business entities. (More on that can be found in our Terms & Conditions in the bottom of the page)