‘Great ideas often come from those closest to the problem’

Bernadette Schwerdt

How to Build an Online Business

‘The ACTUAL Local’  is a segment, part of our free blog, dedicated to helping local non-for-profit organisations and small businesses across: Perth and Peel (Metropolitan areas) and the Wheatbelt, Great Southern, and Southwest areas (parts of regional Western Australia).

For that segment, Alex visits small food / wine / entertainment venues that are mainly known to true locals to that suburb. After Alex visits and tries their products, if she believes they are extraordinary – she approaches the manager / owner and offers to feature them in an article under our ‘The ACTUAL Local’ segment. That is done in exchange for a small donation to one of her partner charities / non-for-profit organisations.

What is the problem Alex identified that made her to create ‘The ACTUAL local’ segment ?
For readers:

Often, people writing such blogs / segments do that because they are either:

– Paid by the businesses to write a positive review / article (known as natural advertising / sponsored content)


– Aiming to earn money by featuring multiple external ads on their website

The problem we solve: Under no circumstances does ELETURIEN accept any money to promote vendors and we do not use ads in our articles. Readers know the information provided is of substance/ the vendor is truly as good as described and ELETURIEN. We also do not use ads to ‘muddle’ your reading experience.

For small businesses:

True small businesses are often family owned and operated. Having a small business in Australia is stressful to say the least (and Alex knows that well) – keeping track of changes to the tax system, mountains of paperwork, licences, rules and regulations in addition to running a quality business. This makes matters complicated and very time consuming which leaves small businesses with little to no time/money to promote themselves.

‘Influencers’ often want free products or to be paid to promote businesses. Those small vendors have to take a hit to their minimal profits to try drive more customers with no guarantee it would be successful.

The problem we solve:

Alex is no ‘social media influencer’ in the traditional meaning of the word:

– She visits places with no notice or prior agreement with owners – like a secret shopper.

– She pays full price for their product – does not want to be compensated financially or in any other way

If she does not like their product: she leaves the premises and that is the end.

If she likes their product: she asks to speak to a manager and tells them what she does. Alex then offers to feature them in an article in exchange for a small donation to a partner non-for-profit organisation.

This is a low cost, time saving way for business promotion.

For Partner Charities / Non-for-profit organisations:

In a post COVID-19 era, charities are struggling to raise money for valuable services they provide.

The problem we solve: We have partnered with selected charities to help drive donations and support them in pursuing a worthy cause. A list of our partner organisations can be found on our website.

What’s ‘in it’ for Alex and ELETURIEN then?

Alex already has a passion for discovering quality information that is written based on research or experience. However, she realised finding such information online in the 21st century is hard, which creates ‘trust issues’ with the reader. Other times, quality blogs were hard to read due to the overwhelming number of ads popping up ‘left, right and centre’.

This was how the idea of ‘The ACTUAL Local’ segment was born.

In addition, Alex has always been interested in discovering little food, drinks and entertainment gems – go off the beaten track and support truly local small vendors. As she is doing this anyways, she wanted to turn her hobby into a social good!

What is ‘in it’ for Alex? Satisfaction – doing the right thing, supporting ‘the small guys’, providing the reader with quality local information, helping people who want to try true local, make informed decisions which vendor to visit.

Our blog and this segment demonstrate how ELETURIEN adheres to its Core Values.

A list of our Core Values can be found HERE.